EPS Leads The Way

For 30 years, Environmental Protection Services has been the nation’s leading provider of disposal and recycling services—concentrating in the removal of transformers, PCBs and electrical waste, and the recycling of oil, transformers and electrical equipment. We offer a broad range of highly-specialized services to our customers, but with a singular focus— significantly reducing their liability, risks and costs in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

As an industry leader, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency consults with EPS on regulations and protocols including the development of incineration furnace regulations. Used as an EPA prototype, our custom-built furnaces are the largest in the country, ten times larger than that of any other provider. With the largest capacity, and leading-edge processes, EPS can accept equipment and oil with the highest PCB levels, safely disposing and recycling even the most severely contaminated.

Tried & Trusted

EPS is regularly reviewed and audited by CHWMEG, a non-profit consortium of manufacturing and other industrial companies dedicated to efficiently managing the waste management aspects of their environmental stewardship programs. CHWMEG’s facility review program is a comprehensive evaluation of waste, recycling, treatment and disposal facilities and is widely regarded as the industry standard in assessing and managing environmental risks associated with third-party management of wastes.

Our sister company, Power Substation Services, specializes in the nationwide installation and maintenance of substation and power transformers. With their proprietary PCBX process, PSS is the only company in the United States with the EPA permitted mobile technology to destroy PCBs while performing the hot oil reclamation process onsite at customer locations.